yo, sup

a graphic depiction of the dream store Tenbear Books & Treasures, the building is pink with black trim, and there are sign letters on the top that read BOOKS & TREASURES, below that is TENBEAR in large, shiny pink raised letters, the tenbear logo sits to either side, below the windows of the storefront of covered with decals of various logos, including Mongrel Pizza, Glutton's Donuts with a sloth hanging off a donut, Scraps Burgers Artifacts & Ephemera, Goodchance Underdog with a dog wearing a superhero mask, TEAM DUMPSTER Breakfast Crew and a raccoon in a dumpster, an orange bear wearing a masquerade mask, a wrestling mask that's crying, a bear shaped helmet, orange letters saying Lenswielder, a bear with honey dripping from its snout and Honeypaws below, then a logo for PURCELL JEVELIN, the entire scene is awash in extreme pink light

the storefront of my dreams